Friday, September 27, 2013

Flannel Friday - Little Cloud By Eric Carle

It's Flannel Friday time!  This week I have made a flannel set based on Eric Carle's book Little Cloud.  I made this for a weather themed story time I have coming up in a couple weeks.  It could also be used for talking about shapes.  I really loved the illustrations in this book and thought this would be a great story to tell on the flannel board. 

It begins with Little Cloud...
Little Cloud floats above the houses and trees while the other clouds float up and away!

With the other clouds gone, Little Cloud decides to change into a giant cloud!

Little Cloud then changes into other objects - a sheep, an airplane, a shark, two trees, a rabbit, a hat, and a clown!

The other clouds float back and call to Little Cloud to join them.
 Little Cloud joins the other clouds to form one big cloud and it begins to rain!

 The End

I had a lot of fun creating this set.  The pieces were all drawn by myself based on the illustrations.  I hope the little ones enjoy this story as much as I did making it!

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  1. Your flannel is beautiful! Tell me about the background: is it a glittery piece of felt? Did you paint the houses on?
    Happy day,
    Miss Lisa, NC