Preschool Story Time

Hello, I'm Miss Sue!

My Preschool Story Time was my favorite part about being a Youth Services Librarian.  Currently, I am a Head Librarian and do not get to do story times as much anymore, but I still blog, do programs at professional conferences, and outreach whenever I can.  When I DO get the chance to do a story time, I try to incorporate as much movement, participation, and interaction as possible and try to include moms and siblings.  I believe a lot of small, interactive elements, combined with a lot of repetition and consistency keeps the story time moving, the kids focused, and everyone having some part that is their favorite.

While my blog posts will highlight my theme and specific stories etc., my basic format is the same each week:

  • Q&A time - a sort of welcome and hello to all of the early birds, I open the doors on time and give the kids time to tell me about their day, their new shirt or shoes, or any other exciting news.

  • "If You're Ready For a Good Time", by Greg and Steve, is my opening song. The kids follow the movements I do.  It allows for the late-comers to hear we are starting, the kids to turn on their 'listening ears', and do some light stretching.
  • Our listening song goes like this:  
Touch your nose. Touch your chin.  That's the way this game begins. 
Touch your eyes. Touch your knees.  Now pretend you're going to sneeze (A-Choo!).  
Touch your hair.  Touch one Ear.  Touch your two red lips right here.  
Touch your elbow where it bends.  That's the way this touch game ends!
  • The weather.  If you stop by Miss Sue's desk before story time, you might get the chance to be the weather person!  We sing a weather song, and the weather person get's to change the felt from something ridiculous (like snow in summer), to the weather of the day.

  • We talk about the theme of the day.

  • All books are introduced with "If you want to hear a story...." to the tune of "If you're Happy and You Know It."  The kids know its time to listen, and they like to see what I will come up with for a response!  (Wiggle your ears, shout blagga blagga, Cover your eyes, flap your wings, etc)

  • In between books, I have a felt story or two, a fingerplay or two, a song or two.  It depends on the theme and how the kids are doing.  I like to have more material ready than I need.  

  • Our HALFTIME is "Popcorn" by Greg and Steve.  The kids get the wiggles out.  This song is basically the process of making popcorn, but it is SO catchy and fun for the kids.  It also helps me with the flow of my story time

  • Our Closer is "The Wiggles Freeze Dance" by Hap Palmer.  

  • I stamp everyone's hand when we are done! 

  • There is always a craft available - and an open art activity for the kids who would like to stay.

  • My 'take home' area of the story time room has Parent Newsletters with everything I did plus a calendar, announcements, and literacy tips on them.  I encourage mom participation!  I also set out a coloring sheet, per request of the moms, the craft to-go, and a display of topical books.  I am usually cleaned out!

I am really passionate about my flannel boards.  I make sure to do SOMEthing via felt each week.  My big goal is to do stories which kids can re-tell at home, so many of my take home items will have a prop or suggestions for home retelling.  Stay tuned to see more photos and ideas from my flannel stories.

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My weather felts (some from

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