Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flannel Friday - The Three Little Pigs

I recently had to recreate some of my old flannel board sets.  This was one of the first sets I had ever made, so while I was getting a do-over, I thought I would make a few little changes.  Every story teller needs a Three Little Pigs set in their repertoire, if not a couple of them.  It's one of those stories you can tell ANY WAY YOU WANT as well!  Love that!  I think I found a coloring page I used as a template, but I do not remember whom to credit.

These are the characters - you'll notice that my wolf is not scary.  This is on purpose.  I try to make the story a little more comical and a little less frightening, because I have some sensitive little boys who often really get worked up in my story times.  I also have a son that was afraid of everything when he was little, so I really keep an eye on my voices and gestures now.

The first little pig built his house of straw at Number 1 Pigadilly Square.

The second little pig build his house of wood at Number 2 Pigadilly Square.

And the third pig built her house of bricks at Number 3 Pigadilly Square. Any pig works for any house, this is just the way I photographed mine (Girl Power!).

You will notice that all of my houses have enough windows for the pigs.  Pig one runs to his brother's wooden house when the wolf finds them there - and the brothers then run over to their sister's brick house and look out the windows to watch the wolf make a silly, windy spectacle of himself.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Katie Fitzgerald at Story Time Secrets  for hosting this week.  If you would like to learn more about Flannel Friday, Click HERE.  Thanks for stopping by!

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