About Us!

Hello and THANKS for dropping by!

We are a super team of youth services librarians located in Ohio.  We love what we do and love being part of an amazing team.  We want to share our passion and ideas with all youth services librarians.

(from left: Miss Kristen, Miss Sue, & Miss Kristie)

Please note - while we work together in the same library system, this blog is completely independent of our jobs.  Any opinions stated in no way reflect the opinions of our employer, and no work time whatsoever is dedicated to the maintenance of this site.

Miss Kristen dazzles our babies and mommy patrons with her sweet soothing voice and guitar.  She has a degree in middle childhood education and taught briefly before becoming a youth services librarian.  Kristen has been in this field for over five years and just finished her MLIS degree from Kent State University in December of 2013.  When she isn't rocking out at the library with her fabulous team, she's home with her husband and rambunctious toddler.

Miss Kristie keeps the toddlers hoppin' and jivin' in her toddler story times. She has over 6 years of public library experience with 5 of those focusing on youth services. She is the newest member of the village, joining shortly after receiving her MLIS in August of 2012. Miss Kristie has a fine art background and a love for creativity. Miss Kristie lives with her husband and six kids.

Miss Sue energizes the preschoolers with her raucous story times.  Sue's first real library job started in 2011, but came into this new career with many years of experience working in elementary and preschools (in Japan, Hawaii, and Belgium), teaching English to Japanese children, and has even been a stage performer for 15 years.  Miss Sue adds to that a professional background in computer information systems, and graduated with her MLIS in 2014.  Sue has been a Head Librarian since 2014 but is still a strong advocate for youth and libraries.  But, she misses her team terribly!  Sue lives with her husband, two teenagers, and two pooches.   (Follow Miss Sue on Twitter too!  @Suelibchick)

As any youth librarian can attest, we all work with all groups in our programming, but we wanted to share our ideas and insights into our Library Village.  Please feel free to comment if you have an idea on how to improve our site!


  1. I feel like I've mentioned this before, but I am really excited about this blog. What a great idea for a department! I can't wait to read future posts!

  2. Thanks so much! We've been thinking about doing this, so collaborating seemed like a natural thing to do! Stay tuned!

  3. What a great site! Thanks for sharing your ideas, as well as what went well and what didn't.

  4. I attended your Felt works class @ the OLC Children's & Teen's Conference at Kent State. Because of the awesome 3 Little Pigs Flannel set that you presented, I decided to do a Fairy Tales Storytime. (A first for me) For the craft I decided to make a wolf blower and the kids LOVED it! I used the elephant blower from Pinterest and replaced the top part with a kid-friendly wolf. They loved pretending they were the Big Bad Wolf blowing the house down. (My flannel set turned out well-if I do say so myself) :) Thanks for the great tips! Love your website!

    1. Wow thanks for your great comment! We had such a good time at the Children's and Teen Conference- and that was a first presentation for us! I am so glad you can take inspiration from our site and glad your story time turned out great!

  5. Hi from Australia! I stumbled on to your blog and love it! Looking forward to sharing lots of ideas :-)