Toddler Story Time

Hi, I'm Miss Kristie!

I love Toddler Story Times!  I offer my story time once a week, with the exception of the first week of the month.  My story time participants are generally two years old.  Currently, the majority are on the younger side, closer to two than three years old.  This means that I tend to read shorter books or board books.  We also like to dance and make lots of noise!

Most typical toddler story times follow a basic format:

-  Announcements are made and we talk about the theme of the day.
-  “Shake Your Sillies Out” (found on Raffi’s More Singable Songs cd) is my opening song.  Sillies must be shaken before story time can truly begin.
- I read 3-4 books depending on theme, length, and attention span of little ones.  Longest book is read first!  If I am using a board book, I will read it last.
- In between books, we do fingerplays, action rhymes, and simple songs.  Words to all of these are included on the parent handout in order for family participation during story time and in hopes that they will be used again at home.
- “A,B,C,D” (found on Bob McGrath’s Sing Along with Bob #1 cd) is a recent addition.  We sing this about halfway through story time.  To make it even more fun, I pass out musical instruments.  This also helps them learn to say each individual letter as we jingle and jangle to the beat. 
-Most weeks, I try to include a flannel story.  I really enjoy making flannel pieces for storytelling.  I think the little ones enjoy watching the stories come alive outside the book too!
- I am also working on incorporating puppets and other props throughout my story time!
-  “Looby Loo” (found on Bob McGrath’s Sing Along with Bob #1 cd) is my closing song.  Wrist ribbons are waved during this song as we turn ourselves about. 
- After story time, I offer either a simple craft (usually once a month) or toys to play with while music is played softly in the background.

 I am beginning to add ideas from my story times, so please check back soon for my blog posts!

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