Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flannel Friday - Halloween Extravaganza 2014

We could not be more excited to share this Halloween edition of Flannel Friday.  Everyone has been working so hard!  This post is LOADED with amazing felts, songs, draw & tells, dancing, and just about everything you need for a great Halloween Story Time!  You all deserve a round of applause!  Let's start this Halloween Party!

Lisa at Thrive After Three couldn't WAIT to show you her Ten Little Goblins!  Based on the book by Pamela Jane, this one could very easily become a staple in your Halloween story time!

Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime is sharing her post from last year called Going Batty!  I remember these adorable bats from last year and loved the poem it came with. So cute!

Kathryn was SO excited to participate this week, she added a second post!  Not Halloween themed, but very versatile and could be used all year, check out her Morning on the Farm!  Thanks, Kathryn!

SQUEE!!  Scott at Walls Became the World shares a story I have never seen before called Humbug Witch!  I love when felts can support a story with so many layers and surprises.  I might have to make this one for my collection!

Kelly at Practice Makes Perfect shows a different approach to the Five Little Monsters Poem. She shows that to have a great flannel story, you do not need to use all felt.  These pop sticks will be sturdy (and not too scary) for many story times to come. Great idea!

Bridget at What is Bridget Reading shares not one, but SEVEN ideas for Halloween! Seriously! Just check out her owls!  Owls are perfect for Halloween!

Lisa at Librayland tells me "Not Halloween, but still Fall"....well, Lisa, I think fall leaves are perfect for October as a break from all of the witches and goblins.  Check out her counting and matching activities!

Monica at Ram Sam Storytime also says "not Halloween" but good golly would you look at this beautiful Apple Tree set?  I can see so many story times that can use this set.  And check out the detail.  Just beautiful!

Linda at Notes From the Story Room has a Draw and Tell!  These add a great new dimension to your story time and can be used in a wide range of age groups too.  Here's The Halloween Hike

Carol at Program Palooza brings us a Plethora of Perfect Posts.  Her Halloween Hootenany has more ideas than I can count, with songs, fingerplays, books and more.

And just when you thought that was it, Carol has ANOTHER post on the theme of Monsters!  Enjoy!

Jane at Piper Loves the Library brings us a fantastic HOW TO on Tunes for Tots.  Have you heard of Tunes for Tots before?  No?  Well, go check it out!  See their "recipe for success!"

And Jane has one more!  As she says, "No such thing as Halloween without this book."  I agree.  This is a great book for Halloween, and it works very well as a story board.  Jane uses sandpaper backing here....fascinating!   Here's The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.

As for me, I am reposting my last year's Halloween Flannel Friday for any newbies.  I had a pretty shy story time group and was worried about a lot of the books I was finding at the time, so I wrote this poem and created felts to show the little ones that a costume is just fantasy play and not really scary.  Check out my "That's a Costume" set.  I do not have a story time this year for Halloween, but Miss Kristen is using my set for hers.

WHEW I am exhausted!  You guys are AWESOME!  I am so proud of you all.  It's a Halloween Celebration.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  If you would like more information on how YOU can take part in Flannel Friday, make sure you visit the Blog or Facebook page.  Thanks to all of the hosts, fairy godmother's, pinners, and bloggers.  Happy Halloween!!

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