Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flannel Friday - Halloween Surprise!

Everyone at the library loves a great Halloween Story Time!  I have two flannel boards to share today!  To see the story time post that uses these flannel boards, click HERE.

I wrote a BRAND NEW POEM, and designed brand new felts based on my experience with my son at a young age, who was very afraid of anyone in costume.  I thought there may be other preschool children who also need a reminder that 'it's just a costume' at this time of year.

That's a Costume - by Miss Sue

Over there I see a ghost!  My, oh my, a scary ghost!!

Mom says "No, it’s all OK.  That’s a costume! Take it away-

And you’ll see it’s your good friend sheep!

Out on Halloween night!

When you get to the part of the poem that says "Take it away", you remove the costume to reveal the cute recognizable animal underneath!  I chose animals so the children could shout out what the animal is at the reveal (if it were felts of children, the kids wouldn't know what to say).  I hope to get the kids to chant along with me.

Repeat the poem 4 more times, inserting these characters and animals into the rhyme:

Bat - Cat
Vampire - Pig
Monster - Cow
Skeleton - Dog

Here are close ups of each of the animals and their costumes:

The artwork is my daughter, Sarah's.  She is a great partner.  My job is to try to make the felts look like her adorable drawings. (I tried!)  The poem is mine.  If you would like to use it, please do so for personal use only and credit this blog.

Also here are my BATS!  This month I'll doing a bat themed story time, but these could be used at Halloween too.  And they are so cute!  The bats are hand drawn from a coloring page.

The idea is to use these felts with this poem from I think it would work really well sung to the tune of the Six Little Ducks!

5 Little Bats(to the tune of 6 little ducks)

5 little bats went on a flight
by the light of the moon one night
Mama bat said squeak squeak squeak swack!
but only 4 little bats came back.

Repeat for 4,3,2,1

No little bats went on a flight
by the light of the moon one night
Mama bat said squeak squeak squeak swack!
and 5 little bats came flying back!

Thanks for visiting our blog.  Also thanks to Kay for hosting this week's Flannel Friday!  You can find her blog at:


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much. I am working on templates for anyone interested.

    2. I would love a copy of the templates. Thank you.

    3. I think this is one of the cutes felt stories i have come across. I would love a template for it. This is perfect! Thank you

  2. These are all adorable! And what a great way to make Halloween less scary for children, thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank You Gina! I try to remember my kids at that age as inspiration for a lot of my work.

  3. This is adorable and several of the kids in my preschool classroom play with it daily and have memorized the poem! Thanks so much for creating this--I made a felt copy for the teachers in my room to use, and scanned, printed and laminated a card stock version for the children. We all love it :)

    1. Magnificent!! Thank you so much for the feedback. I am so glad to see the poem and set being used. Thanks again!

  4. Are there templates for this adorable felt story?

  5. I'm making my own set for Halloween storytime. Very excited to use it before we "Trick or Treat" around the library!