Thursday, May 8, 2014

Flannel Friday - The Ugly Duckling

I have seen this story written in so many ways.  When I finally decided to create a flannel set, I chose Braun's version of the story.   I did not flannelize all of the characters, however.  Also, due to time constraints and felt on hand, both of my swans are white.  I wanted to make a black swan, but black is also a difficult color to work with in felt because puffy paint doesn't show very well on black.  So there it is.
To paraphrase:  Mother duck was tending to her nest of three eggs when she left for a moment.  A larger egg floated along the stream and landed next to her nest.  Hmm were'nt there three eggs?  No matter, she thought, I will love this one just the same.
Soon the three eggs hatched but the larger one didn't.  No matter, thought mother duck, I will wait for my baby to arrive.  Finally the new baby emerged but it looked very different.  The ducklings were all so mean, telling the new baby that it was ugly.  No matter, said mother duck, You are beautiful to me and I love you just the same. 
The duckings grew, but the gray one always stuck out and was much larger than his siblings.  Other animals teased and taunted the ugly duckling and the baby ducklings joined right in.  Stop that! said Mother Duck, he is MY baby.  He is not ugly.  I love him just the same as the others.
The ugly duckling ran away, and soon he was grown.  He sat by the pond watching birds fly in the sky.  How I wish I could look as beautiful as they are!  But I am just an ugly duckling!
One of the birds in the sky landed next to the ugly duckling.  "Would you like to fly with us?"  "WHAT? I am so ugly!  Why would you want ME to fly with you?"  The other bird said "you are not ugly!  You are a beautiful swan - just like the rest of us!  Look in the pond at your reflection!"  The ugly duckling looked into the pond.  "I am a beautiful swan!  I am!"
The two swans flew away together and joined the rest of the swans, flying high in the sky.  The ugly duckling wasn't an ugly duckling at all!  He was a beautiful swan soaring high with other swans.  And they lived happily ever after!

If I had the time, I might have felted more pieces, but this version is just lovely too.  It was one of my favorites as a child, so fitting that I felt the set.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks to Kathryn from Fun With Friends at Story Time  for hosting this week!  Please stop by the Flannel Friday website to learn more about Flannel Friday!

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  1. This is a beautiful version of the classic story! Thanks for sharing.