Thursday, May 15, 2014

Flannel Friday - Duck! Rabbit!

To go along with my Duck Story Time (Click HERE for that), and my Ugly Duckling Flannel Friday set (Click HERE for that), here is my Flannel Friday submission to go with the book Duck! Rabbit!!  Not exactly creative, but definitely easy and handy for multiple ages.

I was a little worried how this set would fly in my story time.  I wasn't sure the 3-6 year old set would appreciate how this drawing could be seen two ways.  Well, I am sure some of the younger ones didn't quite understand, but most of the group really did get it and were fascinated by it!

Is it a duck?  Or is it a Rabbit?  Let's vote!
I hear duck sounds!  What does a duck say?
Wait - I think I hear Rabbit sounds!  What does a Rabbit say?  Hmmm.  How about 'sniff sniff'?
Well look at that!  The duck is having a piece of bread!  No wait.  The rabbit is eating a carrot!
Now I see a duck in a swamp!  Hmm or is it a rabbit in the tall grass?
The duck is getting a cool drink in the pond.....or is it a rabbit cooling his ears in the stream?
Now I am SURE I see a duck!
Now I am certain I see a rabbit!

Then I showed the last page of the book with the anteater and brontosaurus and said "hmm, I guess we could do this all day!  I better stop now."

Some of the kids really saw one or the other more.  Quite frankly, I see the rabbit more than the duck, but the book really is fascinating and the moms were really into this book too.  It is just fun and something completely different.  I am sure I could use this book for school visits and outreach too.  I have a Duck! Rabbit! poster I used during school visits and there was always ONE student who pointed out the poster saying "HEY - I get it!!!" so I bet the flannel set would work very well with them.  Very fun!

Thanks to my friends Lindsey and Dana at JBrary for hosting this week. Please check out their wonderful blog HERE.   If you would like more information on Flannel Friday and how you can participate, click HERE!
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  1. I have used this book with older toddlers and younger preschoolers who just didn't get it at all - I think they would understand the flannel story a lot better! Thanks for the great idea!