Sunday, April 13, 2014

Preschool Story Time - Bunnies

I have a little problem.  It happens when people know their job is ending soon, they are moving, or they are looking forward to any other life altering event.  You start to panic a little.  There are so many books I want to read to kids, so many felt stories I want to do (or do again), and more craft ideas than I know what to do with.  This story time falls into category B.  I have a felt set I just made and wanted to use it!

First of all, Miss Kristie sent her daughter Daisy in with bunny ears and a tail.  So I wore them.  It seemed like a natural thing to do at the time, and the kids just loved it.  (Thanks Kristie!)  Miss Kristen brought her son, Adam to story time too!  It was great to have support but I was a little nervous too.  So here's what we did:

Chloe is the middle child of 21 bunnies.  Everyone wants to sit and watch TV but Chloe has a better idea for Family Fun night.  Will dad understand?

Star of the day!  This new book was a huge hit with the kids and the parents.  I was so happy to read this one.  Make sure you notice that the number of bunnies is growing each day.  Hilarious!

Then it was time for my Flannel Set - Too Many Bunnies!  By Matt Novak.

Too Many Bunnies! Matt Novak

In a green field, there were two holes.  One hole was very empty.
Across the field there was another hold filled with bunnies, Chubby, Fuzzy, Floppy, Whiskers, and Bob.
One Day, Chubby said, “There are too many bunnies in this hole!”
Chubby hopped out of the hole, across the field, and into the big empty hole.
“Big,” said Chubby.
“Chubby is right,” said Fuzzy. “This hole is too crowded.”
Fuzzy hopped out of the old hole, across the field, and into the not-so-empty hole.
“Comfy,” said Fluffy.
“That other hole looks much better,” said Floppy.
Floppy hopped out of the hole, across the field, and into the new hole.
“Nice,” said Floppy.
“It is cold in here,” said Whiskers.
So Whiskers hopped out of the hole, across the field, and into the almost-full-hole.
“Cozy,” said Whiskers.
“I’m lonely,” said Bob.  “Where IS everybody?”
Bob hippity-hopped over to be with the other bunnies.

“There are too many bunnies in this hole,” said Chubby. 
But across the field, there was an empty hole.
“It looks big,’ said Chubby.
“It looks comfy,” said Fuzzy.
“It looks nice,” said Floppy.
“It looks cozy,” said Whiskers.
“Wait for me!” shouted Bob.
And that’s why there are always TOO MANY BUNNIES!

The kids got a big kick out of this once they figured out what was happening.  They started shouting out how this could go on all day, or they would yell "OH NO not again!!"  It was funny.

After Halftime, I kept them standing for another song, accompanied by Moi on the ukulele"
If you're a bunny and you know it twitch your nose.
If you're a bunny and you know it twitch your nose.
If you're a bunny and you know it and you really want to show it
If you're a bunny and you know it twitch your nose.
(Continue with:  Eat a carrot, wiggle your tail, flop your ears, hop around)

Another big hit because, you see, I had on that bunny tail.  No one wanted to wiggle their tail because they were way too busy laughing at me!!!

Then we got into the "Easter" portion of the bunny story time.  There are so many great bunny books, but these I wanted to try out.  By the way - if your whole theme is Easter bunnies, I invite you to check out my other story time with a few more Easter books and references. Click HERE for more.
Funny stuff!  There is only one sentence per page, but the text is as long as a good picture book is, so there are a lot of pages to this book.

I just had to.  I love all of Jan Thomas' books!  This one definitely appeals to the boys in the crowd.

My craft was 'stolen' from Crafty Mama's website - so thanks for that.  I forgot to take a photo of my craft, so here is the inspiration:
However we also made bunny NOSES!  We put spring colored pom poms on pop sticks so everyone would have a nose to twitch.

Hope you enjoyed Bunny story time!  I think the ears and tail made it.  Next week is butterflies - I am thinking it is time for some wings!


  1. Miss Sue - you know how much I love this flannel of yours! Guess what? I love the whole rest of the plan too! Thanks for some great ideas!

    1. You're welcome! I love it when I have a huge stack of books in front of me and then problem is WHICH ones to do. You know it will be a good day.