Friday, April 4, 2014

Flannel Friday - Too Many Bunnies!

I recently came across someone's great idea to create a flannel based on Matt Novak's book My Froggy Valentine. After finishing that set, I had the idea to search our system for any more of Matt Novak's books because I thought his stories and artwork really lent itself to felt.  His books are small with the center being cut out.  The books might be too small for story time, but the stories are great fun. Click HERE to see the story time for my Bunnies theme, and the full text to this book. 

A closeup of my felt and you can see I just copied Matt Novak's artwork the best I could.

In a green field, there were two holes.  One was empty, and one had too many bunnies!!

In a 'Grass is always greener' sort of way, the bunnies all see the other hole and decide that the other hole is better somehow.  One by one they hop across the field to the new hole.

But then there are TOO MANY BUNNIES!

They then notice the first hole is then empty.  Hmm, that hole looks nice.  They all decide to hop back over, and that is why there are ALWAYS too many bunnies.

I made this set in probably 30 minutes using scraps I had on hand.  But now I can use this set for any rabbit theme, spring, or even Easter.  I bet there is a 'Five Littles" rhyme in there somewhere too.  It also would be an easy one for outreach because the story is short and sweet, but the the visual is fun.

A big thanks to Anne at Itsy Bitsy Mom for hosting (for her FIRST TIME, YAY Anne!) this week's Flannel Friday!  For more on how Flannel Friday works or how you can participate, please CLICK HERE.



  1. This is so cute. I can already hear the kids giggling and saying... Oh no! not again" Need to make this. Thanks for a great discovery ~ jane