Friday, February 7, 2014

Flannel Friday - Mail Call!

OK.  Sometimes I see something on Pinterest, and I have to have it.  Usually it is a felt set, or a recipe, or a story time theme.  This time it was a mail bag.

GASP!  As soon as I saw it, I thought of Valentine's Day!  You could do the 6 Little Valentines rhyme with this, or come up with a "What could be in this letter?" kind of activity.  But WAIT!  I had another idea! So, I got out some fabric and a glue gun and had at it!  It might not be as pretty as the one above because I didn't use any stitching, but mine is still functional.

OK, I made mine with fleece for the bag and the rest is felt.  To make the bag, I hot-glued a piece of felt to the fleece and cut a large enough rectangle around the felt.  The felt helps to give the bag some shape.  Then I put a book in the felt and folded up the sides and glued them well to make a panel on either side of the bag.   The long remaining end flaps over to make the flap you put the word MAIL on.  The strap is just a long piece of fleece folded in half and hot glued for shape.  The envelopes are just felt cut to that shape, and glued up the sides.

At my new branch, I inherited one extra story time per week.  So I thought I would use that week of the month as The Letter of the Month theme!  I made a bunch of envelopes and plan to have the letter of the day plus something that begins with that letter in each envelope. I will invite the children to come up and see what is in the mailbag today - they loved this part.  Then we will read stories, have rhymes, and a craft based on that letter.  I think it will bring a level of fun to the story time.

Check our labels and search for the Letter of the Month story times.  I did my first one this week and will blog on it over the weekend!

Thanks to Christine at Felt Board Stories for hosting this week's Flannel Friday!  If you like to learn more about Flannel Friday, Click HERE.   ALSO, Thank YOU for stopping by!

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