Sunday, October 20, 2013

Preschool Story Time - Going Batty!

There are so many great theme possibilities in October.  Bats are one of those curious animals that kids hardly ever see or learn about, but are fun to see.

The Bat in the Boot - by Annie Cannon
Based on a true story, this book reveals some interesting facts about bats and how mom bats care for their young.  I do not love the illustrations, but it sparked a discussion about how the mommy bat takes care of her babies.  Many kids had cowboy boots on too - so that was fun to talk about.

Bat Jamboree - by Kathi Applet
Counting by bats has never been so fun!  Shake it!

We paused to do this 5 little bat song (to the tune of 6 little ducks) from which was a big hit with the kids and the moms.  We performed it with fingers so they could learn it and use the song at home, and when we got to 5 little bats came back, I let some of them put the bats back on the board.

5 little bats went on a flight
by the light of the moon one night
Mama bat said squeek squeek squeek squack
But only 4 little bats came back!

Continue with 4,3,2,1,none (and the 5 little bats come back)

**See more about my Halloween Felt Sets from a recent Flannel Friday Post.

Daft bat by Jeanne Willis
Take a look at the world as a bat sees it, and bats wont look so daft after all!  This one may have gotten away from the little ones.  It was funny for the moms and older kids, but some of  the three and four year olds didn't seem to get it.

5 Little Bats Flying in the Night - by Steve Metzer
Very short and sweet and a good closer to our bat story time!

Here is our craft this week! We had our volunteers paint 40 toilet paper rolls and cut out wings.  Fold the top of the roll to make ears, add eyes and feet and voila!  My craft sample is prepared pretty basically because I want the kids to express themselves, so we had other materials set out so the children could add any embellishments to the bats that they would like.

Seems like October is busier than ever.  It's a good thing that themes come naturally this month.  Next up is Monsters!

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