Friday, August 30, 2013

Flannel Friday - "Mommy, Carry Me Please!"

I love Jane Cabrera's books - her illustrations are just so sweet!  I humbly attempted to recreate some of them as flannel pieces, and I think they turned out pretty darn cute.  I will admit, however, that I spent WAY too much time on this set! So now I've got to get as much use out of them as I possibly can - I mean, you can use these animals a million different ways, right?

The book:

Mommy, Carry Me Please! by Jane Cabrera

The end result:

Mommy Hippo and Mommy Crocodile
Mommy Penguin and Mommy Lemur
Mommy Kangaroo and Mommy Tiger
 (due to a puffy paint explosion, Mrs. Kangaroo had to have emergency surgery on her left eye, but you can't really tell from this angle, can you?)

Mommy Monkey and Mommy Beaver

Mommy Koala and Mommy Spider

My photography skills are a little lacking, here, but I did include details such as eyelashes and all of my outlining was done with puffy paint.  I didn't make the babies or the human mother and child at the end because it was simply taking too long.  Maybe if I have some extra time I'll add them in later. 
I used this with toddlers and luckily had enough pieces for each child.  So each toddler got to put their animal up on the board when we read their page, to their great delight! 
I think these pieces could be used in other ways - such as when singing the song "Ten in the Bed!"  I hope you enjoy these felt pieces as much as I do - the lemur is by far my favorite! :)

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  1. So cute!! Mommies and babies are always a big hit! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pieces.