Friday, August 16, 2013

Flannel Friday - Happy Hippo, Angry Duck

I love Sandra Boynton's books, but they are so darn small! For sharing with a large group, why not make a felt set of Boynton's comical characters?  I've shared this one in Baby Story Time several times, but toddlers and preschoolers would enjoy her humor, too!  This book of moods is also easy enough to retell without even using the book (if you're feeling daring ;) )

 Happy Hippo, Angry Duck: a book of moods by Sandra Boynton
"Are you happy as a hippo? Or angry as a duck?"

"Maybe sad as a chicken? (Can you sadly say "Cluck Cluck"?)"
"Are you grumpy as a moose? Or excited as a dog?"
"Worried as a rabbit? Contented as a frog?"
"Perhaps, like a pig, you are sweetly amused. Or
perhaps, like a cow, you're completely confused."
"...Or you're frazzled like thing.
(I'm not sure what it is.)"
Hope you have a Happy Hippo kind of day! And watch out for that duck! ("He's always this way.")Happy Flannel Friday!


  1. LOVE IT! This is definitely going on my TBM pile because I love her stuff.

  2. Beautifully made pieces! Her characters are so cute and you did an amazing job with them!

  3. Adorable! Amazing! Awesome! Did I miss any A words that could describe who much I love this flannel set??? You have done a gorgeous job! My favorite is the pig. Oh wait, I adore the dog, too. And the cow... I just can't choose! They are all so sweet!

    Thank you for sharing this week. I am definitely making these as soon as I get my hands on the book. Wish me luck on using paint for the details though ~ that is not my forte! I will need lots of luck to make just one half as cute as yours!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    ~ K ~

    1. Wow - thanks so much! I only used paint on the duck and the chicken, and then I gave up and used a very fine pointed Sharpie on the rest! Much less scary! Good luck on your set - we'd love to see it when you're finished!
      -Kristen :)