Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flannel Friday - The Many Uses of an Ice Cream Cone

I LOVE making flannel sets!  But what I love even more are versatile flannel sets!  If you are lucky, some flannel pieces can be used for more than one rhyme or story.  For Flannel Friday this week, I thought it would be fun to give an example of how my simple ice cream cone set gets a lot of use!

#1 Ice Cream Rhyme

The ice cream cone set was originally made for this rhyme.  I found this great rhyme here at Perry Public Library Storytime.  As soon as I read it, I knew it needed to be felted!

Ice Cream Rhyme
First we need a cone,
Nice and crunchy.
Then we need some ice cream,
Sweet and yummy.
Scoop 'em on,
Stack 'em on,
Up to the sky.
We love ice cream, my oh my!

First comes vanilla,
Cold and sweet.
Then comes chocolate,
A delicious treat.

Here comes strawberry,

Orange sherbet too.

A super-duper ice cream cone
Just for you!

One scoop, two scoops,
three scoops, four.
We love ice cream,
Who wants more? 

#2 Hippity Hop to the Ice Cream Shop

After making the set, I stumbled upon this video from the King County Library System.  I knew that my ice cream flannel set would work perfect with this short little rhyme/activity.

Hippity Hop to the Ice Cream Shop
Hippity hop to the ice cream shop
To buy an ice cream come!
What flavor would you like?

The toddlers loved coming up and putting the different ice cream flavors on the cone!

#3 I Am Hungry

This last set is not all about ice cream, but the last verse needed an ice cream cone.  I knew just where to find one!  It is an echo rhyme to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?".  I found this rhyme here at King County Library System.

I Am Hungry
I am hungry!  (I am hungry!)
What should I eat?  (What should I eat?)
Think I'll have some pizza  (Think I'll have some pizza)
Without any meat!  (Without any meat!)
I am hungry!  (I am hungry)
What should I eat?  (What should I eat?)
Think I'll have tomato soup  (Think I'll have tomato soup)
With lots of heat!  (With lots of heat!)
I am hungry!  (I am hungry!)
What should I eat?  (What should I eat?)
Think I'll have some ice cream  (Think I'll have some ice cream)
Cold and sweet!  (Cold and sweet!)

It is lots of fun to make new flannel sets, but it is also nice to have go to pieces to use in a pinch!  We don't always have an infinite amount of time to create new flannel pieces each week for story time (Wouldn't that be awesome?!).  So look through your flannel collection once in a while and see what new stories you can create with what you already have!  It might surprise you!

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