Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby Story Time - Spring is Here!

There was a dusting of snow on the ground, but darn it, it is SPRING! I won't let the silly weather mess with my story time!

OPENING SONG: "The Hello Song" *

GREETING SONG: "Hello" (Name Song) *

WAKE-UP RHYME: "Roll, Roll Sugar Babies"
Roll, roll sugar babies
Roll, roll sugar babies
     (roll baby's arms)
*Up, down
     (arms up, arms down)
Clap, clap, clap!

Repeat with alternate verses:
*Out, in
     (arms out, arms in)
*Right, left
     (lean baby right, then left)
*Back, front
     (lean baby back, then front)

1st BOOK: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

We used this amazing pop-up version and everyone loved it!
(Warning: It's a little tricky to hold and read at the same time)

ACTION SONG: "Walking, Walking" (from the cd Songs for Wiggleworms)
I like to sing this song without the cd so I can control the pace and stop to give directions between each verse. This is perhaps a little advanced for babies, but I have lots of walkers who tend to wander around, so this was a way to channel all that energy, and I made their caretakers dance with them!

(to the tune of "Frere Jacques")
Walking, walking,
Walking, walking,
Hop, hop, hop!
Hop, hop, hop!
Running, running, running,
Running, running, running,
Now we stop!
Now we stop!

2nd verse: replace "walking" with "tip-toe"
3rd verse: replace "tip-toe" with "marching"

FINGERPLAY: "In and Out"
I made up a really simple tune to sing with this rhyme because, well, everything's better with music!

In and out, in and out,
Now I roll my hands about.
First up high, then down low,
This is the way my fingers go!

2nd BOOK: Baby Loves Spring! by Karen Katz
Very cute and simple!

COUNTING RHYME: "Five Spring Flowers" (I borrowed this from Miss Sue)
Five Spring flowers all in a row.
The first one said, "We need rain to grow!"
The second one said, "Oh MY, we need water!"
The third one said, "Yes, it's getting hotter!"
The fourth one said, "I see clouds up in the sky!"
The fifth one said, "I wonder why?"
Then BOOM went the thunder and ZAP went the lightning!
     (clap on "BOOM")
That springtime storm was really frightening!
But the flowers weren't worried - no, no, no!
The rain helped them to grow, grow, grow!
     (raise baby's arms on "grow...")

We used Miss Kristie's BEAUTIFUL flowers - she made them to go with Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert, but they work perfectly for this rhyme!

3rd BOOK: Peek-a-Bloom! by Marie Torres Cimarusti 
A simple lift-the-flap book!

CLOSING SONG: "If You're Happy and You Know It" *
GOODBYE SONG: "Babies, Bye-Bye" *

CLOSING RHYME: "Thank You" *

*Check out my Baby Story Time page for the words to all of my weekly songs and rhymes.

Happy Spring!

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