Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Flannel Friday - Holiday Edition!

We are winding down 2013 here at the Library Village, and the Jingle Bells Story Time is the LAST story time for our babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  But before we close the picture books on 2013, we have to contribute our holiday Flannel Friday post!

Happy Holidays from Miss Sue's Preschool Story Time:

Old St. Nicholas Had a Tree

All of my online resources say this song has an unknown author but what a great song to make a flannel board for!!  My preschool group loves to handle the felts, so I made this flannel board just to let the kids touch and sing and have fun!

The flannel tree is large - as big as the flannel board - so the photo doesn't show the detail on the pieces.  Many of the pieces are on sparkly felt, and some others are done with multi-colored puffy paint.  Before our song, I set down a basket with the pieces for the kids to choose.  I keep one of each type with me, however, so I can hold up what one looks like.  Then we sing our song to the tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm:

Old St. Nicholas had a tree
Ho, ho ho ho ho!
And on that tree he had some lights
Ho ho ho ho ho
With a blink, blink here and a blink, blink there
Here a blink, there a blink
Every where a blink blink
Old St. Nicholas had a tree
Ho, ho ho ho ho! 

Now the first time I say 'lights' - I hold up one and ask all of the kids who have a light to put up their item anywhere they would like on the tree.  Then we continue with the song (and hand motions! Don't forget to 'blink' your hands!!!)

Then the song continues with the rest of the verses:
Ornaments - glow (jazz hands)
Drums - boom  (bang on a drum)
Bells - ring  (shake arm like you are bell ringing)
Candy Canes - Yum  (pat your belly)
Star - Shine (back to jazz hands)

And note there is but ONE star!  Since EVERYONE wants the star, Miss Sue puts the star on.  Let's hear it for Holiday Harmony!  I also have more pieces than shown here.  I never know what size crowd I will get, so I am ready with 40 pieces now and will probably add horns or gifts next year!

Happy Holidays from Miss Kristie's Toddler Story Time!

Rudolph, Rudolph

We found this flannel story on Storytime Katie last Christmas and immediately made our own set.  This year I decided to cartoon it up a bit for my toddler crowd.  I also added a line about a rainbow nose.  I think the little ones will love Rudolph's new groovy rainbow nose. 

Rudolph, Rudolph, what will you do?                                     
You can't guide Santa's sleigh if your nose is BLUE.

Rudolph, Rudolph, you're such a silly fellow                        
Who will know it's you if your nose is YELLOW.
Rudolph, Rudolph, your way cannot be seen,     
Through the wintry weather if your nose is GREEN.               
Rudolph, Rudolph, Santa gave a wink                                    
But what will he say if your nose is PINK?  

Rudolph, Rudolph, it's time to fly at night
But you can't get through the snow if your nose is WHITE.
Rudolph, Rudolph, it's time to go to town
But you can't help Santa if your nose is BROWN.

Rudolph, Rudolph, what a groovy glow
Your nose looks little like a RAINBOW.                           
Rudolph, Rudolph, the children are in bed
And now we can get on our way because
your nose is RED.

Happy Holidays from Miss Kristen's Baby Story Time!

5 Little Christmas Presents

Last year I wanted to share Jean Marzollo's Ten Little Christmas Presents, but decided it was a little too long for my wiggly babies.  Instead, I adapted the words in the book into my own flannel story.  It was thrown together rather quickly; I'm sure you crafty crafters could make a nicer version!

Five little presents on a snowy floor,
Someone got a snowsuit! Now there are four.

Four little presents - what will they be?
Someone got mittens! Now there are three.

Three little presents - each brand-new.
Someone got a jacket! Now there are two.

Two little presents - what a lot of fun!
Someone got a Santa hat! Now there is one.

One little present, the last gift of all,
Someone got a scarf! And snow begins to fall.

Five little presents were opened with great cheer,
It's time to celebrate because Santa was here!

(written by Jean Marzollo, adapted by Miss Kristen from Let the Wild Rumpus Start)

(Paper presents with real ribbons)
(A tiny strip of Velcro makes it stick to the board)

(The felt gifts are hidden behind the packages)

(A snowsuit, mittens, a jacket, a Santa hat, and a scarf)

 **  A big shout out and Thank You to Mollie at "What Happens In Storytime" blog for hosting this week's Holiday Extravaganza!  If you would like more information on how to participate in Flannel Friday, click HERE!    **

From our Library Village to yours - we wish you much peace and happiness throughout this holiday season and into the bright New Year!  
- Miss Sue, Miss Kristie, and Miss Kristen

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