Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flannel Friday Series - Felts3Ways. Fish

I was really excited by the Ohio Library Council's Convention and Expo last October.  The Library Village took part in the Convention by presenting felt board techniques in a poster session.  My piece of the presentation involved showing how to use ONE felt set in each of the three age groups (or 4 in some cases) we serve:  Baby, Toddler, Preschool (and young school age) Story Times.  This technique saves time and money for your department by sharing resources.

The next installment in my series Felts 3 Ways (a-la Iron Chef....oh dear, it might be sushi this time) is on the topic of Fish.  This set will work great for lots of themes such as fish, sharks, ocean, summer, and fractured fairy tales.

First, here is the whole set.  The artwork could not be easier as I traced the pieces right out of the book The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Will Grace, Ken Geist, and Julie Gorton.  The felts were outlined in a light marker but then embellished with puffy paint.

For Baby Story Time, we can play peek-a-boo with the baby fish as the mommy fish looks for her baby.  Using the three houses, one baby and the mama fish, we can play hide and seek.  Where is the baby fish?  Oh I see her!  She is in the sandcastle!

Next up for Toddlers, we have a fun rhyme based on 5 Little Monkeys sitting in a Tree:

5 Little Fish swimming in the sea
Teasing Mr Shark "Can't catch me!"
Along comes Mr Shark....SNAP!
Oh No!  Where is he?

And then for Preschool - of course we would use the whole story of the Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark.
And the best part is when the shark tries to break the ship house but all of his teeth fall out and he is stuck eating seaweed salad for dinner!

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  1. LOVE!! Thanks for sharing a wonderful idea. Your pieces look great and I really love the peek-a-boo game with baby fish and mommy fish.