Monday, June 30, 2014

Imagination Station! Let's Play "Library"!

Back in the spring, Miss Kristie and I attended a workshop about pretend play in the library, and we were inspired to create an Imagination Station in our own branch!

We worked hard to get it set up for the beginning of the summer reading program, and our theme for the month of June was "Let's play 'Library'!"  Miss Kristie made some super cute and eye-catching sign out of felt!

We commandeered a table in the children's area for our library "desk" and made a pretend computer out of a cardboard box. Our IT guys were kind enough to send us a box of old tech equipment, such as a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard, and we had a broken scanner that I cut the wire off of and covered the end in duct tape.
Every librarian needs a pair of glasses, obviously.

I made a sign for the kids, with ideas of what they could do at the 'library,' such as sort and check out books, make a library card, and recommend books for others.  I also made a sign for the parents, discussing why pretend play is so critical for developing young minds, and how it helps their emotional and social development.

Miss Kristie found these great pretend book spines from Deceptively Educational, which we printed off, laminated, and added call numbers and author's names. Our idea was that children could practice putting them in order, but these are often the books that they 'scan' and 'check out'!

Kristie also made some pretend library cards. They are just printed on cardstock so kids can take them or leave them.  We have some crayons and pencils sitting out so they can practice writing their names.

These are slips for book recommendations that children can leave in their favorite books.  Mostly, they just like to write their names on them. :o)

Here is our supervisor, Miss Ann, having some fun playing with some kids :o)

And this sweet girl is working hard on the computer!

People were a little hesitant at first, but the Imagination Station has really taken off! It has been wonderful to see children playing and pretending, especially when the adults join in! This is something we are eager to keep doing, and we're just about ready to change it out for the month of July.  Next month's play station will be a Veterinarian's office! Check back for details!

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