Saturday, November 23, 2013

Preschool Story Time - Let's Talk Turkey!

Here come the holidays!  Here at the Library Village, we are all preparing our themes for the rest of the year.  It's a busy time, but it's time to have some fun too!  This is my second time around with this theme, but my first time blogging it.
Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano
Turkey is FREAKING OUT!  How can he disguise himself and hide from being Thanksgiving Dinner?  This book cracks me up.  Apparently, the caregivers and preschoolers this week thought the same thing.

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey
What happens when the kids on the field trip realize that the Turkeys are in grave danger?  Kidnap them of course!  A new addition to my Thanksgiving Story Time and a really well-done rhyme!

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson
My flannel board for the week was based on this book.  As I read the book, I had the children bring up the pieces as I called them out.  Last year they caught on quickly and sang it with me.  This year, they were happy just watching me, and that's OK.  They still love handling the felt pieces.

We took a small pause to do the Turkey Pokey!!
You put your right wing in.  You put your right wing out.
You put your right wing in and you shake it all about.
You do the Turkey Pokey and you gobble all around.
That's what it's all about!

(Continue with: Left wing, Turkey Leg, Beak, Tail Feathers, Whole Turkey)

I admittedly screwed this one up royally, but after 15 years of theatre experience, I knew that if I just smiled and kept going, everything would be JUST FINE...and it was.  I don't mind screwing up.  It shows the parents that we all make mistakes and that anyone can have fun with their child.  Just enjoy yourself!

Over the River - A Turkey's Tale by Derek Anderson
This book is unique in that the text is short (the lyrics of the song), but the artwork is detailed.  There is a completely different story going on in the illustrations as in the song.  I sung the book, but turned the pages very slowly so everyone could see all of the antics on the pages. If the kids are not into it, I can just sing through it, or I can spend as much time on each page as they want.

My craft was a little decoration for Thanksgiving.  I just used die cut leaves to let each child decorate them any way they wanted with sequins and other bling.  I gave them three lengths of yarn so they could hang them at home. I noticed preschoolers LOVE this kind of craft.  It helps with fine motor skills and really keeps their attention on detail. 

This was a short but interactive story time. I sang a lot this week (add to the above all of my between book material).  Happy Thanksgiving everyone and see you in December!

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